About Us

To feel in, touch with yourself.

A central theme to every linen product, provided by Nish Tekstil, founded to play a significant role in the history of quality linen supply.
Nish Tekstil symbolizes experience, quality, luxury & durability.

Hand Picked Yarns and the wide colour spectrum, as well as meticulous production and finishing, makes Nish Tekstil fabrics the essence of linen culture.

Why Nish Tekstil?

  • Products are durable and easy to handle. Preservation of size, color, feel even after wash
  • Excellent colorfastness through scientific manufacturing methods
  • Products are made to exceed the expectations of customers where technology, knowhow of the resources is actively engaged
  • Products are made to meet the diverse climatic conditions of our customer locations
  • Nish Tekstil gives high priority for "After Sales Service"
  • Excellent logistics management by the aid of our Germany base helps us meet customer deadlines with full flexibility